Vehicle As A Weapon

Since July 2016 there have been 7 VAAW attacks across Europe, causing over 100 fatalities, with the latest attack happening in August at the Las Ramblas strip in Barcelona. Incidents at Westminster, London Bridge, Finsbury Park, Nice, Berlin, Stockholm all demonstrate that vehicles have become the desired weapon of choice for terrorists.

Whilst security at operating sites increases and changes to security procedures in the hiring of vehicles develop, the industry needs to address to potential theft or hijacking of commercial vehicles for purposes of terrorism.

As industry-leading training providers for the road transport industry, Fleet Source has recognised its need to assist commercial drivers by providing them with the skills and knowledge to help prevent their vehicles being used as a weapon. In response to the rising threat of VAAW attacks, Fleet Source has developed Terrorism Risk and Incident Prevention (TRIP), a seven-hour Driver CPC course.

TRIP provides commercial drivers with the knowledge, understanding and skills to help them protect themselves, their vehicles and the public whilst out on the road. The course outlines the history of VAAW, and provides advice and guidance to help drivers reduce the risks of their vehicles being hijacked or stolen.

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